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To those who don't get it, Thomas is one of the holocaust trains. That is why he is at the Nuremberg trials.

This feels like a Flash movie I'd watch in 2003. It feels like you used the VHS effect to cover up the lacking technical aspects of the animation, for example, Thomas' face bounces erratically in the flash back, the nazi's face looks deformed, straight lines on buildings are wavy, smoke just wiggles back and forth, ect. I should mention that just because I don't like the art quality doesn't mean I dislike the art style, I liked the color choices & the minimalist approach.

Lepy is my favorite character.

I know the SWF format is on it's way out but it would be much appreciated if you could upload the SWF of this episode, I feel like I'm watching a full-motion JPEG whenever I try to read the wall paper in the background. This video export is not very high quality and getting the genuine vector experience would be much appreciated.

Other than that this was actually a pretty good fight & it actually felt like there was good give and take between Sanford & the Tricky clones. A big hang up I've always had since the Auditor was introduced was that every fight felt like a squash match to the point that it felt like a formality rather than an actual fight & the odds never stacked against the protagonists unless it was stacked way over their ability to actually win, making it another squash.

It's really too bad that the compression of the video just killed a lot of my ability to appreciate and enjoy this episode. Any time I export video using Swivel, I always make sure the video is as lossless as possible. No idea if your computer is strong enough to pull that off but if it's not, again I reiterate, having access to the SWF of the episode would greatly enhance the viewing experience in my humble nobody opinion. It's like the difference between a bluray and a DVD if I'm going to be honest.

@Cethic, there's nothing wrong with my monitor. It's an ASUS VX238H with 1ms and 60hz refresh rate. You have no reason to be offended and defensive, I was being polite. But thanks for the suggestion, the Youtube copy is significantly better.

By the way, idiot, there is JPEG compression in this video export, here's proof:

Before leveling exposure:

After leveling exposure:

Cethic responds:

Don't know what's wrong with your monitor, but it's perfectly clear on my monitor (and many others), which is displaying it at 1080p. I can read the text perfectly fine and see absolutely no jpeg compression or bluriness.

That being said, If the quality is such a big deal go watch it in 2160p on YouTube.

I'm glad this didn't go the way of the Spirit of Halloween where the long awaited third episode ends on a none-climax for the sake of wrapping everything up to put it behind you. I was not expecting a heel turn in a bromance comedy.

You can't even animate any lip syncing? That's not animation, that's a slide show.

AnioTV responds:

We understand your statement on the fact of this video not being animation, and we fully agree with you. But the reason we used the animation tag is because of what we hope to turn our work into and build our grounds on. This video was made in a day just to release it on the start of the new year on YouTube and lip syncing takes days to achieve. Thank you for letting us explain. ^_^

I don't get why you went with the Flash format if you're not going to use a preloader. You could even decorate the preloader frame with links to your other work, your payment methods, commission page, all the websites you use, ect. There's no point in publishing in Flash without even at least exploiting any of those benefits. If your other old Patreon submissions are anything to go by, your animation is a low resolution image sequence so it's not like we're getting the authentic vector experience of an animation made natively in Flash. It would make better sense to have just uploaded it as a video instead. This is like wearing a hat on a shoe without laces or socks.

It feels like you both put in too much effort by importing these images to Flash and not enough in actually making it work well, I don't enjoy having to wait for it to load frame by frame like an animated GIF when it should just preload like a proper Flash submission. I can't even get it past the first frame so all I see is a white screen. Even worse is that in the next animation you uploaded, you actually did install a preloader, why not this one?

Tabuley responds:

This was made more than 3 years ago and specifically in Flash format because of FA's limitations. I uploaded it as is because it is one of the better quality version of this I still have. The other one with a loader is slightly more recent.

It's really hard to be impressed by the 12 year-old attempting sailor vocabulary, ultra violence and the smooth animation when the art design looks like the excrement of Jim Henson. It's really easy to make your animation buttery smooth when the art is designed to be as unchallenging as possible to even the most cheap overseas MS Paint sweatshop labor one could hire.

It took a whole studio of professionals to make this, and they couldn't even stay on model through all seven minutes of it.

There's this guy named Miguel Coutto here on Newgrounds, he's new to animation, you should ask him for lessons.

EXIT73STUDIOS responds:

While we understand this style may not be for everyone and look easy... the entire short was animated, colored and composited by a team of 2 people in their very little spare time over several months. So you're right, anyone can do it if they put the time and effort in. And we want more people to keep doing it, making your own films is the most important way to get better at animation and storytelling.

I'm not too surprised this is on the front page. You took the Second Renaissance, Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell and shoved them into the 'cyberpunk wet dream' blender.

Being that this is your first animation attempt, which is admittedly impressive, my sole criticism is that, ironically, character movements are too robotic and unnatural, which, also ironically, implies a lack of understanding of the mechanics underlying human movement.

The part where Motoko Kusanagi unplugs from the Matrix and walks toward the window, I can tell you didn't actually animate her feet touching the floor and cropped it out in post, you animated it as a crop from the start, because the animation only gives the "impression" of someone walking, and it's more akin to swimming vertically than it is to a walk cycle.

When people walk, each side of their body tilts up and down in accordance to which leg is giving the body support verses the leg that's falling behind, coming off the floor and going ahead of the person to exchange the job of support with the other leg. Also note that the side a person's body is receiving lumbar support on will apply pressure to the body while the side not receiving any will be relaxed, the former causing the body to bunch up and the latter causing the skin to stretch, because the former is supporting and the latter is extending.

A good way to get a grasp of how this works is to do a walk cycle from a side shot in full body, a stick figure with ball joints oughta do it. Keep in mind that the body is in a constant state of falling and the act of walking is taking a 'static object' and transporting it by means of bipedal terrestrial locomotion. Think of an action figure with its leg lifted and knee bent and keep in mind that the simultaneous lack of support and focus of weight would cause it to fall to that side.

Coutto responds:

Thanks man! i'm studing hard to make a better animation next project! Thanks to this animation people like you are coming to help with tips and other things that can help me become a better animator, i'll certainly apply all of this to my next project!

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