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You can't even animate any lip syncing? That's not animation, that's a slide show.

AnioTV responds:

We understand your statement on the fact of this video not being animation, and we fully agree with you. But the reason we used the animation tag is because of what we hope to turn our work into and build our grounds on. This video was made in a day just to release it on the start of the new year on YouTube and lip syncing takes days to achieve. Thank you for letting us explain. ^_^

I don't get why you went with the Flash format if you're not going to use a preloader. You could even decorate the preloader frame with links to your other work, your payment methods, commission page, all the websites you use, ect. There's no point in publishing in Flash without even at least exploiting any of those benefits. If your other old Patreon submissions are anything to go by, your animation is a low resolution image sequence so it's not like we're getting the authentic vector experience of an animation made natively in Flash. It would make better sense to have just uploaded it as a video instead. This is like wearing a hat on a shoe without laces or socks.

It feels like you both put in too much effort by importing these images to Flash and not enough in actually making it work well, I don't enjoy having to wait for it to load frame by frame like an animated GIF when it should just preload like a proper Flash submission. I can't even get it past the first frame so all I see is a white screen. Even worse is that in the next animation you uploaded, you actually did install a preloader, why not this one?

Tabuley responds:

This was made more than 3 years ago and specifically in Flash format because of FA's limitations. I uploaded it as is because it is one of the better quality version of this I still have. The other one with a loader is slightly more recent.

It's really hard to be impressed by the 12 year-old attempting sailor vocabulary, ultra violence and the smooth animation when the art design looks like the excrement of Jim Henson. It's really easy to make your animation buttery smooth when the art is designed to be as unchallenging as possible to even the most cheap overseas MS Paint sweatshop labor one could hire.

It took a whole studio of professionals to make this, and they couldn't even stay on model through all seven minutes of it.

There's this guy named Miguel Coutto here on Newgrounds, he's new to animation, you should ask him for lessons.

EXIT73STUDIOS responds:

While we understand this style may not be for everyone and look easy... the entire short was animated, colored and composited by a team of 2 people in their very little spare time over several months. So you're right, anyone can do it if they put the time and effort in. And we want more people to keep doing it, making your own films is the most important way to get better at animation and storytelling.

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December is the wrong time of year to submit a Halloween game. You may want to check your calendar to verify.

By the way, if your results are returning a value of NaN, you need to remove things like commas from the equation. Commas in ActionScript are used for things like declaring a series of variables or creating an array, so when you type in a comma, it doesn't register as a string but rather you're telling the interpreter that a value like, say, "2,509" for your B/P score is actually two separate values; 2 and 509.

Scottmale24 didn't anticipate this and didn't optimize his code to accept commas as a string, only as raw script input, which means commas are taken as code by the interpreter. Had he programmed it to take string data rather than raw numbers, that would allow him to convert the string back into a numeric value while removing string values like letters and punctuation marks so the raw number data could be plugged back into the calculator without error.

When an SWF file returns a value of NaN, you've probably entered a value that the interpreter doesn't understand or you've accidentally entered in actual ActionScript code that undermines the program's design. You can actually cause Flash to redefine variable datatypes by giving it inappropriate values like letters, which will cause Flash to redefine a mathematical variable to a string. This is because Flash is capable of accepting what's called "implicit programming", where if a variable is left undefined in datatype and you plug in a value, the interpreter will attempt to fill in the blanks and assign a datatype for you.

Holy shit, it's like 2005 again. Right in the nostalgia.

PuffballsUnited responds:

How..? The first game came out in 2008 haha

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This isn't Industrial, this is Ambient. The whole point of Industrial as far as mood is concerned is that it's supposed to be dark, dismal and bleak. It's actually supposed to be the opposite of Techno in a way. For a good example of what Industrial should be like, look up a song called Martial Law by AliceMako.

I'm giving you a 2.5 because I wanted to give you the fairest shake I could. Industrial isn't dancing in a club out of the Jetsons, it's hiding in the sewers from strike drones. I know it might be a dick move to write a review on a song that barely touches on the music itself, but I don't peruse the Industrial section for optimistic music.

mrcompston responds:

Yeah sorry about that, was half asleep when I posted the track. Basically, I thought at the time it read "instrumental", that is why I clicked on it, I should have known better really. Thank you for your honest feedback :)

Sounds like a song you'd hear from LISA the Painful RPG.

One of the better uses of Mixcraft I've heard yet. Very well made.

ADR3-N responds:

Wow, didn't expect a review on this since it's so old -- before I had an idea about music making. Glad you liked!

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I'd like to point out that she's not sitting on the platform.

Beautifully creative, gorgeously colored, utterly flawless... save for lulzy backdrop error.

I'm impressed with the amount of work and detail you put into this background. I do see a handful of problems though, everywhere I look on the page I see little corners that weren't filled in all the way, you may want to consider changing the Gap Size settings on the paint bucket tool to Don't Close Gaps.

You may also want to reconsider the tool you use for outlines since the Brush tool is a coloring tool & you seem to have trouble erasing outlines that cross into other outlines. You could erase a lot of those overcrossing outlines using the Line Tool with the Snap to Objects setting on; drag the the Line Tool outline over the affected area, break it and color over the stump you want to erase.

If you want the same visual effect you get with the Brush Tool, it can be done with the Pencil or Line Tool but the only drawback is it takes way longer, but you'll have more refined control of how each color-outline appears.

On the off chance that you're using the Eraser Tool, the Selection Tool is better if you want to delete elements that need to be chucked.

Your work reminds me a lot of a guy's content I enjoy, he's been around since 2004; his username 'round these parts is Noiserover. Be prepared, he has a penchant for disgusting humor.

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