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This isn't Industrial, this is Ambient. The whole point of Industrial as far as mood is concerned is that it's supposed to be dark, dismal and bleak. It's actually supposed to be the opposite of Techno in a way. For a good example of what Industrial should be like, look up a song called Martial Law by AliceMako.

I'm giving you a 2.5 because I wanted to give you the fairest shake I could. Industrial isn't dancing in a club out of the Jetsons, it's hiding in the sewers from strike drones. I know it might be a dick move to write a review on a song that barely touches on the music itself, but I don't peruse the Industrial section for optimistic music.

mrcompston responds:

Yeah sorry about that, was half asleep when I posted the track. Basically, I thought at the time it read "instrumental", that is why I clicked on it, I should have known better really. Thank you for your honest feedback :)

Sounds like a song you'd hear from LISA the Painful RPG.

One of the better uses of Mixcraft I've heard yet. Very well made.

ADR3-N responds:

Wow, didn't expect a review on this since it's so old -- before I had an idea about music making. Glad you liked!

The piano notes kill this as an Industrial song.

Yqarus responds:

Well, thank you for your kindness. :)

I'm fairly certain that this is more Goth than Industrial.

I can't wait to see the final product.

One of the few actual Industrial songs in the Industrial category.

This song goes well as a background soundtrack when listening to Kafka or Orwell audiobooks, highly recommended.

AliceMako responds:

Industrial ambient is just one flavor, most of the genre borders on progressive trance, berlin techno and decidedly teeny bopper electro these days.

Sounds like some music that could be used for Madness Combat. In fact, it appears that's what this was meant for.

Reminds me of the Goth music that Digital-Musician used to make back in the day. Death of the Black Rose, the Resurrection, ect. & A Disaffected Youth by Remisser. I miss Remisser. It's depressing like Digital-Musician's music but it has the laid back quality of Remisser's content. I don't know why it's listed under the Video Game "genre" since it doesn't appear to be a cover of a song or really resemble any of the classic 8bit, 16bit or 32bit eras of video game music.

I'm going to favorite this. Then I'm going to scout you both for the Audio Portal and upvote your score.

~Review Request Club.

PyramidKid responds:

Thank you for the kind words. I misunderstood Video Game tag. Now it's under Ambient. At least closer :)

I really like the narration at the beginning. I think it adds a lot. Honestly though, if you're gonna make & song about Fat Man & Little Boy, the genre I'd go with would be Industrial Metal since that's a genre centered doom & despair. This honestly sounds more like night club music than a recount of the Nagasaki & Hiroshima bombings.

Even then, I still like how you downplayed the music & tried to simulate the sound of an actual nuclear explosion at 2:30.

I'll scout you for the Audio Portal & upvote your song now.

~ Review Request Club.

RDGRM responds:

Thanks Psychopath!

Now that you scouted me I added to more tracks, one about The Binding of Isaac, and one about the anglerfish.



Hope you liked one of the stories!

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