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December is the wrong time of year to submit a Halloween game. You may want to check your calendar to verify.

By the way, if your results are returning a value of NaN, you need to remove things like commas from the equation. Commas in ActionScript are used for things like declaring a series of variables or creating an array, so when you type in a comma, it doesn't register as a string but rather you're telling the interpreter that a value like, say, "2,509" for your B/P score is actually two separate values; 2 and 509.

Scottmale24 didn't anticipate this and didn't optimize his code to accept commas as a string, only as raw script input, which means commas are taken as code by the interpreter. Had he programmed it to take string data rather than raw numbers, that would allow him to convert the string back into a numeric value while removing string values like letters and punctuation marks so the raw number data could be plugged back into the calculator without error.

When an SWF file returns a value of NaN, you've probably entered a value that the interpreter doesn't understand or you've accidentally entered in actual ActionScript code that undermines the program's design. You can actually cause Flash to redefine variable datatypes by giving it inappropriate values like letters, which will cause Flash to redefine a mathematical variable to a string. This is because Flash is capable of accepting what's called "implicit programming", where if a variable is left undefined in datatype and you plug in a value, the interpreter will attempt to fill in the blanks and assign a datatype for you.

Holy shit, it's like 2005 again. Right in the nostalgia.

PuffballsUnited responds:

How..? The first game came out in 2008 haha

Alright, to those who don't know how to get the gold portal or how to beat P-Bot, let me break it down.

You get to the gold portal by changing to Salad Fingers and walking on the invisible pathway to the gold portal.

When fighting P-Bot as Salad Fingers, deflect his missiles using Salad's finger puppet attack; do not confuse this for the freezing attack where Salad waves his arms about. Only use the freezing attack to put distance between you and P-Bot so that you'll be in range for him to fire a missile at you. Be sure to close the gap when he does fire it, however, because the missile will not simply shoot straight back at him and will hit the floor before P-Bot comes anywhere close to it if you're far away enough.

Oh I hate games that wanna use the shift key, can you please change that to a lettered key or the space bar or some shit?

Protip: hold down the tab key for success and great justice.

Oh don't get me wrong, the game is mostly good although hit detection is very clunky and can miss their intended targets a lot and you have to grind like Hell to maximize your items. Really though, when you get down to it this is "replay value: the game", the only thing it's missing to augment it's replayability is the lack of medals to display your feats.

However, the thing that really warrants only a score of 1.5 stars is the fact that you cannot kill the large tank on level twelve. Oh it can die, just not by your hand. What do I mean by that? Well, whenever an enemy tank tries to leave the stage it takes damage for it, some of them will even die outright upon touching the border. For those of you who don't even know what a stage is, what I'm basically saying is that if a tank tries to disappear from the screen through the top of the level, it explodes. Getting the mega-tank to go up there to inflict self damage is the only way to kill it and best yet, you can't get it to happen on purpose, it can only happen by accident.

I tried every effective weapon against it, nothing hurts it, not the Heavy Canon, not the Sniper, not the Laser and not the Shotgun. I'll admit I never got the chance to actually hit the damn thing with either the Chaingun or the Light canon but good fucking luck trying to get past its personal army of every variety of tank this game has with what little health you can maintain whilst attempting to bumrush past the massive swarm of enemy tanks because despite what you think, guerrilla tactics will not avail you.

Mind you, I have $259,770.00 I can't spend because I bought every upgrade each chasis and turret had available. There wasn't some super expensive upgrade that would've made the difference that I didn't buy because such an upgrade doesn't exist; there is no way to kill that fucker through mere brute force and no, luring it next to a missile cache as you ignite the cache doesn't inflict damage to it and neither does the "confusion" phenomena where the other tanks will occasionally decide to attack the biggest one, that means strategy is completely out the window and no viable option for killing it even exists. The only way to kill the bastard is through sheer, dumb as fuck luck. Have fun with that, shithead.

Here's the ultimate cheat for any given maze Flash game; all you have to do is right click, the drop menu will appear rendering the interface of the maze completely paralyzed and you can just move your cursor wherever the fuck on the screen to no consequence or effect, therefore all you have to do is move your cursor over to the finish line and left click to reactivate the interface and boom, you win.

The problem with your example is that you're using FLV files converted from 3D software and not Flash's native vectors, there is virtually no difference between either example because while they share different framerates they still share the same number of frames, the only difference is that one set of frames are stretched to a greater length than the other to accommodate the higher framerate.

The big difference between 30FPS and 60FPS is the speed of the animation, so in order to accommodate the same length the author can do one of two things; duplicate the same frames a number of times to fill in the time as you have here, or fill in the gaps between frames manually by creating new content that sits between the content on the former and latter frames, this can be achieved by using the Onion Tool.

If this were a genuine example of the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS then one would be able to tell the difference easily as the 30FPS example would appear to lag by comparison to the 60FPS example which would appear smooth and flowing against the grind of the 30FPS example.

krell1983 responds:

I don't use FLV files each frame is jpg. 30fps is 30fps and 60fps is 60fps.
30 fps is 60 fps but with half frames.
I tried to use FLV but i was dead end.

First Emerald: Obtained by default.

Second Emerald: Obtained by clicking Sonic's crotch.

Third Emerald: Obtained by clicking either Sonic's mouth or breasts.

Fourth Emerald: Obtained by changing the background to the Egg Carrier, changing Sonic into the Eggman costume [First on the third row] and clicking Sonic's breasts.

Fifth Emerald: Obtained by changing the background to the Chao Garden, changing Sonic into Tikal's costume, clicking and holding down on her breasts for five seconds.

Sixth Emerald: Obtained by making verbal contact with either Tails, Knuckles or Shadow by clicking on them while simultaneously wearing costumes corresponding with their canonical love interests and flirting with them by clicking on one of three parts Sonic's body corresponding with each of the three character's sexual preferences:

Character.....................Costume .....................Preference

Tails...............................C ream..........................Breasts
Knuckles......................Tikal/R ouge.................Crotch
Shadow........................Rouge/A my..................Mouth

Seventh Emerald: Go to the bedroom, strip Sonic nude and click on her crotch.

All Emeralds simultaneously: Abuse the tab button while hitting enter; this will allow you to skip through all of the above. However, skipping all the steps and proceeding to the sex act will disable you from choosing your sex partner and you'll end up with Knuckles by default.

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