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Posted by Psychopath - 2 weeks ago


Almost every review on this video violates the rules. Flag the reviews of: idreamianimate, spoiler911, & baddiarrhea. Make sure that when you flag each review to post the following in the body:

"Tell the author their content doesn't belong on Newgrounds. We will determine that."

This submission has been stuck in Under Judgement for three days so if you guys were so inclined, it'd be great if it weren't.

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Posted by Psychopath - 2 weeks ago

A couple of months ago, the Review Guidelines used to look like this:


Now they look like this:


Every time I visit NG, it's as if another function of the site's been neutered. Now the rules for flagging reviews as abusive have been changed to be more vague. It no longer includes "Blam this!" reviews, backseat modding to the author that their content doesn't belong on the site, using the review space to reply to other users, ect.

How are we supposed to flag reviews with conditions this vague? "Make personal attacks towards the author" is too vague. If you follow these new rules to the letter, they permit you to reply to other reviews so long as you don't include any kind of insult.

Going forward, I need to know if the old rules the way they used to be written are still enforceable. I flagged a review telling the author to remove their video from NG because it didn't belong. As of now, this review has stuck for sixteen hours and hasn't been deleted.


The new rules do not prohibit Greenskullkid from doing this, but the old rules would have. What we need to know is if the old rules still apply, considering that the new set of rules appears to be a "boiled down" version of the old rules. The new rules are too vague and subjective to be followed objectively; calling for a movie to be deleted or inciting others to blam a submission does not a personal insult make.

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Posted by Psychopath - 2 weeks ago

New rules will be added at a later date when appropriate.

  • If you change your username, send me a PM alerting me to your name change with your previous username. I cannot keep up with your name change and if I click on your old username, there's no guarantee the link will lead to your account. If you don't PM your name change, you will get left behind with every new post.
  • Fuck off with infighting. This is not the place to settle some dipshit grudge you have with another user because they wished someone else an insincere birthday. I am not an admin, I am not a moderator, I am not a conflict resolution referee. Infighting is not a spectator's sport, if you have a problem with someone else inside the crew, keep it to yourselves and if you really need a conflict resolution referee, contact a moderator or administrator.

Posted by Psychopath - April 19th, 2018



Posted by Psychopath - September 11th, 2017

I cannot wait for when this puppy finally finishes rendering to it's 2160p 60FPS potential.


Posted by Psychopath - August 24th, 2017

Over the past few years we've seen more and more steaming trash end up on the front page of Newgrounds where it doesn't belong. Once upon a time ago, the front page was the most prestigious place your movie or game could end up and it was only awarded to those whose content merited such prestige by pure meritocracy, only the movies and games with the highest scores, best reviews and most amount of views would hit the front page. You could not get there by sucking, you'd have to be doing something right somewhere to merit this award.

However, as time has gone on, I've noticed that more and more, submissions with a score or less than a three, sometimes less than a two, will hit the front page because the people who hold oversight of the front page simply like it. A few years ago, we saw a movie belonging to 2003 hitting the front page in 2015.

Every now and again, a movie will hit the front page while it's still in Under Judgment, like this political cartoon. How can I prove that it was frontpaged while still in Under Judgement? Because it was frontpaged the same day as it was uploaded so it hit the front page before anything was elected for the Daily Five awards. Why was it elevated to such a status? It makes fun of Donald Trump, that's why.

When I saw this, I had to do a double-take to make sure it wasn't April 1st 2018.

Get a load of this. If you load the SWF instead of the MP4 file, there will be no animation to speak of, only the title card with what amounts to a really shitty script reading where you can hear the actor bump into his microphone. What this tells me is the SWF didn't load past the first frame but loaded the audio anyway because he left it in start mode. He decided to upload his cartoon in a dying format and couldn't even do that much right, nor could he be assed to add so much as a preloader.

When I switch over to MP4, what I get is only marginally better. It's still the same shit script reading but now there's a story board with terrible artwork. If you, the one reading this, ever intend on becoming an animator sometime in the future, it would be well advised that you do not suck harder at what you do than the thing you're making fun of. I would rather watch those Yo Mama videos than this garbage because they put effort into their work, such as the script, the animation and the voice work. It's as if molesting the microphone with your disgusting, pimply face actually removes from the experience of watching a storyboard where all the jokes are delivered horribly and every character is played by one actor, including the female ones [made ironic when Zachselsior criticizes the Yo Mama! people for overusing female actresses].

If this piece of shit were around back when Turd of the Week were still an award, it would still lose.

Let's do an experiment, let's take a quick look at the portal, right now, and see what cartoons we can find that are better than this toxic waste that were not awarded the front page.

Oh looky here, a political cartoon with a score above shit, and it only got daily fifth! Holy shit, that means this one is in last place behind four other movies just today!

Let's take a look at what the reviews are like for that Donald Trump drivel on the front page.


Wow, three reviews in a row that says this fucking sucks. Despite the fact that last review was hilarious, the fact this piece of shit even illicits this response three times in a row should say something, and this is only from the first page of reviews! I haven't even shown you the other twenty someodd reviews taking a dump on this. Keep in mind that reviews like these get deleted around the clock so this isn't even the tip of the iceberg we would otherwise see.

Maybe we should reconsider slapping a cartoon still in Under Judgment on the front page and wait for it to properly pass, then we should wait until it wins a daily award before putting it on our most prestigious platform like a big middle finger to anyone who has ever tried.

Clearly this is the best way to reel in new talent for your decaying website, by making certain that anything good is overshadowed by a giant turd. What I find most disturbing about this is the confirmation that Newgrounds is no longer the meritocracy that it used to be, how much effort you put into your movie and how well received it is doesn't matter unless you rub the balls of whoever is working the front page the right way. All it takes to hit the front page now is making Trump do funny noises with his mouth like keys jingling in your face, or criticize lowbrow humor for being lowbrow so you can feel smarter than a cartoon about yo mama jokes. Yes, truly, this is the height of objective superiority.

UPDATE: I've got a screenshot of an Under Judgement submission being slapped on the front page.


Suffice to say, it really isn't fair that submissions that are still in the Under Judgement phase are put on the front page before they can prove their superiority by standing the one-day test of time with their blue hue still intact. The same vetting process everybody else has to adhere to before they can qualify for a daily award should apply to everybody unconditionally. Showing special treatment to submissions as shown above is a middle finger to everybody else that worked hard on their games and movies. As of the time I took this screenshot, Yeah Jam Fury has a score and reviews that are invisible to everybody, so by what objective metric are they being judged as worthy of the front page? As of the time I wrote this, it's not even near the front of submissions that are about to either exit or be ejected from the Judgement phase, it's #14 of 29.


It somehow has a good enough score and reviews to hit the front page but simultaneously not enough to exit Judgement? I call bullshit. I don't care how big and awesome your game or video is, its status should not be determined by one person's subjective opinion of it, it should be objectively weighed by the metrics everyone else's work is judged by.


Posted by Psychopath - June 12th, 2017

I just discovered this, it's still currently in Under Judgement. Chrome gave me a warning for this submission. It could be a credit card scam, a phishing attempt or worse, a virus being funnelled through an Iframe. If you want to report it, keep up your adblock and firewall:


After looking at the uploader's account, I believe my findings are indeed malicous. The author claims to be 14 & put in the minimum effort one would expect from a hacker into assimilating with the site before uploading this malicious submission. They have no BBS posts or blog posts & only one generic review. This lack of socializing yet invested effort into looking legitimate by decorating their account with avatars and game medals is typical for would be hackers. You may notice this user's account was created in September of last year, those who create accounts in the intent of attacking a website are usually smart enough to season their accounts by leaving them alone for a few months after creating it.


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Posted by Psychopath - January 31st, 2017

Posted by Psychopath - January 28th, 2017

Thank fuck for Adobe Premiere, I've been waiting a year to be able to complete this video. I made it entirely in Flash and tried exporting it using Swivel but no matter what settings I used, no matter what I tweaked in Flash, the frame would always tear whenever the overlayed photos moved, generally at the bottom of each image. This made it impossible to create a viable video copy, until now. Since Adobe Premiere allows the use of image sequencing, I was able to overlay the edits without the use of a transparent MPEG2 file [which never works] or chroma keying [which did work, but it doesn't work with blurred images].