Entry #138

Tricksplit attack on Newgrounds

2017-06-12 11:19:44 by Psychopath

I just discovered this, it's still currently in Under Judgement. Chrome gave me a warning for this submission. It could be a credit card scam, a phishing attempt or worse, a virus being funnelled through an Iframe. If you want to report it, keep up your adblock and firewall:


After looking at the uploader's account, I believe my findings are indeed malicous. The author claims to be 14 & put in the minimum effort one would expect from a hacker into assimilating with the site before uploading this malicious submission. They have no BBS posts or blog posts & only one generic review. This lack of socializing yet invested effort into looking legitimate by decorating their account with avatars and game medals is typical for would be hackers. You may notice this user's account was created in September of last year, those who create accounts in the intent of attacking a website are usually smart enough to season their accounts by leaving them alone for a few months after creating it.


@solitonmedic @spider @Wavepad @Hikari @crankbait @NEOSLAYRE @Keisok @Skater @ExodusTerminator @kirs10 @legomarios @etriuswimbleton @exedor @Radaketor @mad-spyke @DoctorStrongbad @kompibutut @subspacer @larrynachos @civilies @CGA-999 @DOTGaming @Viper @belthagor @KillerSkull @Suprememessage @lexahergon @EDM364 @Bit @cynicalcontroller @NightRaid-NG @centaurora @spyperz @cank @FastbootsZA @cyberdevil @donno576 @SF-Productions @poopmcfarts @dizzyds @arcticfox2100 @TribesofHalo @Alias @draxobox @demonic-overmind @Phenom9 @karsys @SB-Anims @Oddlem @botnot435 @1DarkVoid @Jackho @TaintedLogic @KingiOgh @apocolypse101 @KieranMaster10 @akin11 @Nimhster2 @TheQualityFoot


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2017-06-12 12:17:40

i actually clicked on it and my browser warned me of some danger

Psychopath responds:

It doesn't look like any of us will be able to flag it. I sent a P.M. to Tom but he's currently offline.


2017-06-12 12:36:20

but i managed to flag it http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/7668ddcb7d055162aece11b5a627872e

Psychopath responds:

Oh good, it's been removed.


2017-06-13 00:39:41

Looks like this one got removed pretty quick, thankfully. @Exedor, thought you might be interested to see anyway regarding some of the uploader's other habits. Seems like it could be a likely repeat offender if there's this level of planning involved. Usually people just join, upload, and never leave any other real paper trail.


2017-06-15 06:25:04

I stumbled upon this one as well, and got the same warning, bit curious what would've happened if I'd tried a browser that didn't though... good noticing.


2017-06-16 09:10:55

This is bad, somebody should try and take him down!! (OR if they did already, who knows, you know?)


2017-08-24 00:05:49

@Psychopath, I've changed my username. If you make new posts, slap my username in there please!

Psychopath responds:

Which account was your old one?


2017-08-25 16:16:12

EDM364. Is the whistle cow crew still running? I haven't been getting notifications lately.