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Whistle Cow Hitlist Party

Posted by Psychopath - December 31st, 2015

This is the list of people I will alert in the future whenever I have a new batch of abusive reviews ready to be marked. I'm keeping the current list of abusive reviews I have in reserve until I reach a certain benchmark, at which point the list will be ready for its release. Until then, this is your opportunity to be added to the Hitlist party; this is a list of people who I will name drop in future posts whenever I compose a new list of abusive reviews, as they have expressed an interest in grinding their Whistle status.

If you want to be added to this list, write a post saying so & I'll add you to this master list of usernames. This way, you'll be alerted whenever there are more abusive reviews to get removed.

@solitonmedic @spider @Wavepad @Hikari @crankbait @NEOSLAYRE @Keisok @Skater @ExodusTerminator @kirs10 @legomarios @etriuswimbleton @exedor @Radaketor @mad-spyke @DoctorStrongbad @kompibutut @subspacer @larrynachos @civilies @CGA-999 @DOTGaming @Viper @belthagor @KillerSkull @Suprememessage @lexahergon @EDM364 @Bit @cynicalcontroller @NightRaid-NG @centaurora @spyperz @cank @FastbootsZA @cyberdevil @donno576 @SF-Productions @poopmcfarts @dizzyds @arcticfox2100 @TribesofHalo @Alias @draxobox @demonic-overmind @Phenom9 @karsys @SB-Anims @Oddlem @botnot435 @1DarkVoid @Jackho @TaintedLogic @KingiOgh @apocolypse101 @akin11 @Nimhster2 @TheQualityFoot @OneThousandMeeps @BreadEater @IVOanimations @Aakase

After you're registered with the crew, you'll receive a friend request from the official WhistleCowCrew account. This is done so that I can post a new list of abusive content when the most members are online at once.

Crew Rules | User Review Guidelines | Audio Portal Cleanup

Comments (77)

Lets kick some scum but! (and get our whistles shinier as we go)

Thanks for putting me on there. :)

Heckle yeah! I could smell that Deity Whistle already! (Does it even have a scent?)
Thanks for the add!

Hey man,can you add me to the list ?
I would like to be alerted whenever you release a batch so I can upgrade my whistle status.

Thanks for adding me to this awesome list of gentlemen.

You're welcome.

Hey what about me?


Thank you.

Thanks bro.

No problem.

Seems interesting and good idea.
put me in...

@Psychopath @Wavepad @crankbait @Hikari @NEOSLAYRE @Skater @Keisok @ChaingunSnake @solitonmedic @ExodusTerminator
Sorry for the mistake..not all of them are abusive...there are two in movies that aren't.

Should this be a Club on the Forums now or what? :P

There was a thread back in 2006 where people posted about 100 abusive reviews a day..it helped tons of people reach deity and helped mods get rid of abusive stuff....
Sadly..in 2009..the thread was dying,people kept reporting nonabusive reviews and the thread got locked.

Which is ironic since there was apparently an over abundance of abusive reviews during 2009 alone. How the Hell all of these got overlooked is beyond me.

Hi Psychopath
I want to be there >.> can you add me so I can increase my whistle status just for fun? '-'
what you guys doing are pretty interesting.

"The Whistle Blowers" lel @Spider

You're a friend of mine if i do say so ~ :D

Can i Be on the master list? :/

Thanks for adding me to the list. :)

Why did you say the same thing twice ?

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