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The Matrix | Part #2

Posted by Psychopath - January 10th, 2015

When Neo meets the Oracle, the Oracle tells him not to worry about the vase to which Neo responds by asking "What vase?", turning and knocking over the vase right next to him and breaking it. Neo begs the question as to how the Oracle knew he was going to do it and she responds with "The question you should be asking isn't "How did you know I was going to do it?", it should be "How did you know I would do it?"", so basically, the Oracle flat out admits and demonstrates that she manipulated Neo into doing it because she has an indepth and intricate understanding over the human condition and could easily puppeteer anybody into doing what she wanted and if it just so happens that she's your enemy, knowing this about her doesn't give you an edge against her at all because she already has a full scope over your personality type and I.Q. level, putting her 100 steps ahead of you giving her such a short leash between you and her that her hands are practically around your neck. This should make her seem incredibly shady right from the get-go, but like she says right to his face, Neo's not too bright. It doesn't take a whole lot to be good at this, does it? I mean, here's the thing, she's got a room full of people in the next room over who triple in qualification in the field of being "the One" on the grounds that not only do they have a deep insight on how to manipulate the Matrix but they're manipulating the Matrix while being children at the same time, which means that their knowledge over the matter is deep seeded and comes to them naturally and their abilities will take on an upheaval over the course of time and practice, but somehow these kids aren't Morpheus' first draft pick? Why the fuck not? They have quadruple the ability and potential that Neo has for using the Matrix as a catalyst for crushing the machine empire, yet for some reason it never occurred to Morpheous or anyone else to unjack them? That would be because the Oracle told Morpheus that none of them were "the One" and he would find "the One" elsewhere, yet at the same time these kids are regarded as "potentials". Something's fishy about this program, especially considering the fact that she's a fucking program. I mean, she knows fucking EVERYTHING there is about the Matrix and what's supposed to happen, which means that she's controlling the whole situation. She even regurgitates all of Neo's beliefs and predicts his every rebuttal despite having never met him, one could assume that Morpheus told her about Neo and his beliefs, but from what I can infer, they only ever visit the Oracle on special occasions. She even starts peddling cookies to Neo, promising that after he eats one he'll feel "right as rain", which should translate to "I'm using these cookies to rewrite your brain chemistry" but it doesn't, because as the Oracle said, Neo's not too bright. This is the most untrustworthy person they could possibly meet and they have the stupidity to dub her "Oracle".

Neo leaves with the cookie in hand as if he's not quite sure of himself, as if he just got mindfucked and by the time he realized what was happening it ended and disappeared, leaving him to question whether or not it really happened. Morpheus tells Neo to keep his knowledge to himself and for reasons unexplained, the crew members are never allowed to divulge the information they received from the Oracle to each other. That's pretty shady, I wonder who wrote that rule.

After they return to their hideout, the programs make a change to the building they're squatting in, something of which doesn't become apparent to them until Neo stumbles onto a deja vu in the form of a black cat repeating it's animation cycle. This means that the programs are aware of their presence and location and have taken action to reconstructing it to make it unfamiliar to them and trapping them by boxing them in. This is another good reason why they should have further trained Neo in how the Matrix operates and how to manipulate it, because if he didn't mention the deja vu as a reaction, he probably wouldn't have mentioned it at all and continued thinking nothing of it. What follows is Mouse dies, Cypher is "captured", Morpheus gets into a fight with the agent named Smith and makes a retarded racial joke about how they all look alike before his eventual capture, Cypher "escapes" and is released from the Matrix, picks up a Zeus cannon and fires it at both of the managers rendering Trinity, Switch, Neo and Apoc helpless and at his mercy. Cypher proceeds to spill the beans to everybody as he's pretty much the one in control and he systematically starts to kill everybody starting with Apoc and Switch. He moves onto Neo just before Tank, the first operator he shot, regains consciousness and fires the Zeus cannon at Cypher knocking him out cold. By the way, the part where Trinity spouts out "Goddamn you Cypher" is the most wooden acting I've ever seen, the actress seems so uninterested and depersonalized in the role all of the sudden, but then again, she never really was given any lines that were emotionally driven anyway so this might just be the kind of actress she is at all times. Hell, the woman playing Switch was more genuine than the one playing Trinity and she was playing a supporting character! Hell, even fucking Keanu Reeves is blushing by her shitty acting. There is no sense of intensity or gravity to her voice when she says it, she doesn't sound like her friends just died, she sounds like she's suffering a mild inconvenience that particularly irritates her, she is so lame. Although, something about this scene does peak my interest, when someone has the cord disconnected from them prematurely, they die, but that's not the part that interests me, no, rather the bit that captures my interest if the part where when this does happen, their avatars don't disappear like you'd expect but rather they just collapse on the ground. You know, since the programs can take on the bodies of humans, I wonder, could the hackers just leave their bodies all together and become programs? Oh whatever, like I'm really gonna get an answer.

Cut to what's probably the most interesting part of the movie, Smith monologuing to Morpheus who clearly can't hear him and if he can hear him, he probably can't listen. Smith exposits that the Matrix was originally supposed to be a fantasy realm where constant and unending pleasure would be everyone's experience, a realistic Heaven if you will, but a lot of people didn't like that on the grounds that the Matrix was either inadequate or they didn't like the idea of an artificial reality. He also exposits that he attributes that version of the Matrix as a failure because humans can't evaluate Heaven purely from a pleasurable experience but rather from a pleasurable experience to compare a bad experience to, so they readjusted the Matrix to simulate the year 1999 in a constant repetition as it marked the peak of humanity and the whole point of this conflict is evolution. I want you to tuck that detail away for when I review the third movie.

Analyzing the situation, Tank exposits that the programs are trying to force Morpheus into divulging information by injecting him with unicorn blood. It'll eventually work and when it does, they'll get the destination codes to Zion, the password to their main computer and they'll be fucked. Tank rationalizes that their only choice is to kill Morpheus before they get the chance to pry any information out of him, Neo rejects the idea and suggests going in to save him before that can happen. They're punched in, given powerful guns and they steamroll their way through the guards on their way up the building. Meanwhile, Smith exposits that he fucking hates the Matrix and he wants to leave at all costs and Morpheus' knowledge of Zion's main computer and the password to access it is his key to leaving. Because free will and emotions are exactly what you want to give to a fucking slave, especially when that particular slave is in charge of protecting your system from hackers. No wonder the freedom fighters eventually win. This is where the movie really takes a nose dive for me, the programs have the ability to assimilate people and possess their bodies, that fact is well established. So, with that in mind, why doesn't Smith just plunge his fist into Morpheus' chest, infiltrate Zion while controlling his body, get the codes he needs and *bam*, win win, he'll no longer be integrated into the Matrix and he will have crushed Zion. That's what he eventually does anyway and he accomplishes both goals. So with that being said, why in the fuck is he still reliant on pumping Morpheus with truth serum? I think that Morpheus would make for a much more reliable host given his political connections than some random schlup-- oops, did I just give that away? Was the tetrology spoiled for you? Well fuck you, these movies suck.

What follows is a series of scenes of Trinity and Neo both ripping through the program's guards and the programs themselves. Neo eventually learns how to manipulate the Matrix just in the way that Morpheus had intended by dodging the bullets that the agent he's fighting shoots at him. Morpheus is saved, Trinity and Morpheus are ejected from the Matrix, a bum spots them as they're escaping and Smith uses the bum as a host to fight Neo with and Smith starts punching Neo at the speed of light, which is conveyed with a crappy special effect composed of frames being layered onto each other to simulate speed, not by overlapping different frames of Smith pulling his punches and throwing them to make it appear as though there's a billion fists mind you, but rather by overlayering the previous seven or so frames onto the current frame of Smith punching Neo so that way I can look at the same frame for seven frames at a time, basically meaning that I can still see the point in which his fist impacted Neo's chest long after he retracted it, which conveys the exact opposite of super speed by the way. Eventually Neo breaks away from Smith's grip to let Smith get hit by a subway train that totally doesn't kill him and leads to a panicky chase scene where Neo has to constantly run from Smith teleporting from one location to another by possessing people who've spotted him visually. Smith is eventually accompanied by the other two agents and Neo is cornered, shot to pieces and dies. The end.

Nah, I'm just joshing ya, I fucking wish that was the end. No, that ending would have had gravity and impact to it, it would have made sense. No the actual ending is far more retarded. Matter of fact, it's probably the most retarded ending I've ever seen to any movie ever made ever. Neo comes back to life, not because his mind has overcome his concept of limitations captioned with him saying "There are no bullets, faggot" but rather because Trinity kissed him and the kiss itself is what brought him back to life. No, I'm not kidding, that's literally what brings him back, he starts breathing and ONLY starts breathing immediately after Trinity kissed him. What a fucking load of shit. Last I checked, this is not fucking Snow White and the Seven motherfucking Dwarves. Oh and to top off the awful cake with a disgusting cherry, you're expected to believe that this is deep because "I'm Neo and I died and came back to life because I'm an allegory for Jesus and that makes me deep". So yeah, you're expected to take nonsensical bullshit as being deep and intricate. Fuck this movie. Oh and guess what we have to compliment this fucking movie? We have a Marilyn Manson song, fuck Marilyn Manson, fuck his music and fuck him for writing it. Marilyn Manson can kiss my jello filled ass. I hate this movie. It's fucking abysmal. You mean to tell me that this stupid fucking shit was somehow ruined by the sequels? Really, I find that hard to believe, because saying that suggests that this movie had any substance to begin with. It had a decent premise and an empty execution. Sure, the movie is memorable for it's achievements in special effects, but if that's all there is to it, which it is, then it's really no different than the other two movies now isn't it? In reality, the Matrix is nothing more than just a lot of psychobabble bullshit that's abundant with dozens and dozens of plotholes where the action is the only thing worth watching. The core problem with this movie isn't that it has a shallow plot, the problem is that it's plot is unexplored and poorly structured, leaving me only half satisfied by the end which then, being that incomplete things cannot self sustain, shambles apart into rage and hatred. If people really thought that this movie was so good that the sequels ruined it, I'd hate to see them. But then again, I have seen them and they're actually a little bit better than this particular installment. You'll see what I mean.